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Anyway tumblr became so uninterresting, I dont log in a lot those time and I realise everything is boring in here . Bref , Take care of you and do your best for your courses :) I started uni and ugh medicine is so hard so keep strong for it ! c:

Ikr same it just feels very repetitive! I’m not really sure what I found so interesting about it last year haha but I guess 6 months away from it changed my perspective on it :P Aw same to you Lila! Just remember that when you (and hopefully I) graduate we’ll be doing a very good deed helping people! :) Take care! :)

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I might not come on here anymore tbh (I won’t delete again) but I feel like it’s just a bit of a waste of time and I’ve kinda grown out of it, it’s pulling me into the same anxious state and I’m not really feeling tumblr anymore :/

I’ll still come on every now and then when I need some inspiration or to rant every so often but.. tis my goodbye for now

Take care everyone :)

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i used to have fun here like now i log in and im like -_-

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